Ready. Set. Ride.

...and even hit the greens


All attractions, locations, points per ride and height requirements are noted below.

Bump. You're It.

Bumper Rides

8 Points*

Blaster Boats

9 Points*

Bumper Cars

Thrill Zone

20 Points

The Skyflyer

22 Points

The Skycoaster

12 Points

Hurricane 360

8 Points

Spinning Coaster

Hole. In. One.

Mini Golf

12 & 9 points

Mini Golf

Available in Destin, Gulf Shores & Pigeon Forge 

Hit the greens for Surfin’ Safari Golf! Golfers of all ages will enjoy jungle animals, tunnels and waterfalls throughout the putt-putt course. Adults are 12 points, and children are 9 points. Children 5 years old and under play for free with an adult. *Golf is 8 points for all ages 5+ in Gulf Shores. 

Kids Country

4 Points

The Carousel

4 Points

Kiddie Karts

4 Points

Ferris Wheel

4 Points

Red Baron Airplane

4 Points

The Train

4 Points

Spin Tops

4 Points


4 Points

Jungle Jumper

4 Points

Baja Buggies

4 Points

Beach Cruisers

4 Points

Noah's Lark

Park Policies & Ride Safety

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