How does the point system work?

How many points do I need to enjoy the park? I'm glad you asked! You need to purchase a point card to enjoy all rides and arcade games at The Track and Fat Daddy's Arcade, and we created this tip sheet to help guide you through the process. 

How much is a point? 

Each point is $1 if bought individually. You can save money by purchasing a point package. 

Which point package is right for me? 

Great question! Do you have two people in your party or 20? Are you dropping by for a quick spin on the elevated track, or do you want to spend the evening at the park? Keep those thoughts in mind as you select from the following:

  • 60 Point Package - At $55, the 60 point package features a $5 savings from buying points individually. A family of 4 can enjoy a ride or two on the elevated tracks with this package. A couple can enjoy a fun date night too. 
  • 125 Point Package - At $110, the 125 point package features an $15 savings from buying points individually. Small families can enjoy multiple rides and attractions with this option. 
  • 250 Point Package - Designed with larger families in mind, the 250 point package at $215 features a $35 savings compared to buying points individually. You can enjoy multiple rides a few times with this option and have a few points left for the arcade as well. 


Does each guest need a card? 

No, any number of guests can use points on the same card. For your convenience, you may split points on up to 4 cards at the kiosk when you redeem your order. If you have a large group and would like more than 4 cards, then one of our team members will be happy to help. 

How many points is each ride? 

Please review all of the height requirements and points per ride for Go-Karts or Mini Golf & Rides. All rides and attractions are not the same at each park, so please pay attention to the locations mentioned by each attraction. 

How many points is each arcade game? 

All arcade games average 1 to 2 points. A few games are less than a full point and a few games are more as well, depending on the e-tickets and prizes offered within the game. 

Do the points expire? 

No, the points do not expire. Points can be used at any location for The Track and Fat Daddy's Arcade in Pigeon Forge, TN; Gulf Shores, AL; Orange Beach, AL; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Destin, FL. 

Can I buy my points online before coming to the park? 

Yes! Most guests purchase their points in advance of their trip or before arriving at the park. It does not matter how far in advance you buy the points or at which location you intend to use them. Your order will be ready when you arrive at any location. 

Do you offer contactless buying options? 

Yes! Buy your points online and simply scan the receipt on your phone at one of the park kiosks to receive your card(s). It's that easy! 

Can I buy more points at the park? 

Absolutely! If you are having a blast and want the fun to continue, you can easily add more points at any of the kiosks located throughout the park. 


*Points and prices subject to change.