Fun for all ages, group outings are a blast at The Track! Gather family, friends, classmates, coworkers and teammates to enjoy go-kart rides, blaster boats, kiddie rides and more. Top off the event by playing games and winning awesome prizes in the park’s signature arcade - Fat Daddy’s Arcade. 

*If you have 20 or more guests in your party and are scheduling an outing at least 7 days in advance, then please contact us for group specials.

500 Point Cards

Groups of any size have the opportunity to take advantage of The Track's 500 Point Card, which offers a whopping $150 discount! Reservations are not required, and you are welcome to come anytime during normal operating hours. You can divide the points onto any number of cards. More than one guest can use the same card. Please use the points calculator below to select the best number of points for your group. 

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