Groups & Parties

Groups and birthday parties are a blast at The Track and Fat Daddy's Arcade! Enjoy go-karts, blaster boats, mini golf, Kids Country rides, and more, in addition to playing games and winning awesome prizes at Fat Daddy's Arcade. Groups and parties of all sizes are encouraged to take advantage of the biggest point packages in order to enjoy the largest discount. Points can be used on all rides and arcade games, offering great flexibility for all guests. Here are a few common questions regarding groups and parties: 

How many points do we need for our group? 

We generally recommend 30-50 points per guest to have a great time at the park. Younger guests who will primarily hang out in Kids Country can enjoy 30 points, while older guests who are tall enough to drive go-karts would be better served with 50 points. Keep in mind that passengers on double karts ride for free as long as the passenger isn't tall enough to drive alone.  

Can I buy more than one point card? 

Yes! Let's use a party of 10 as an example. If you have 10 guests who are tall enough to enjoy all of the attractions, then you can buy 2 of the 250 point cards for $200 each and divide the points evenly onto 10 cards. You can choose whether to keep all of the points on one card or divide them up for each guest to have their own card. 

Is there a place to gather inside?

Inside gathering space is not available at this time, but several locations feature picnic tables outside that you can use as a central gathering spot. 

Can I bring food and beverages? 

Yes, you can bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to the park for the gathering. The park also sells bottled water, fountain drinks and slushees. 

Who can I reach out to for more information? 

Feel free to contact each park for more help with planning a group or party: